Welcome to CSC Barber Co.

Since there’s a lot of fuss and chaos in the world, we set out to create a place where men of all ages can escape to for a half hour or so to sit for nice small talk with other men, have a tasty beverage and get their facial and head hair taken care of.

We believe in making a man’s hair care time special. Thanks to our strong traditional values, business principles and the quality of our premium CSC fades, shaves and styles we are definitely the number one classic barbershop for men. We’ll offer you a positive experience to remember.

“This shop is fantastic and one of the best I have ever stepped foot in! Go check them out, you won’t be disappointed.”

Josh V.

“After going to countless barbers and “family friends,” I hadn’t been able to find a good barber in my area. Finally, I found one that cuts my hair exactly how I want it. Everything from the haircut, the friendship you build, and the personality of the barber makes you feel comfortable and at home.”

Spencer R.

Contact CSC 850.542.4271 

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